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Carpet Cleaning Part One: Equipment, Indents and Stain Prevention

Carpet Cleaning Part One: Equipment, Indents and Stain Prevention

Most people install carpets and start off with great intentions to remove shoes, ban food, drinks and pets… but eventually, the stains and marks start to appear. Once the first stain is accepted, it is a slippery slope; before you know it, your carpet is littered with marks and indentation. A deep cleanse of your carpet is a great way to pep up a room, instantly transforming it from grubby and tired to clean and well-cared-for. In this series, we take a look at some top carpet cleaning tips from the professionals.

Deep cleaning your carpet doesn’t just make it look better; it can help to prevent allergies by getting rid of particles that may not be seen, but which can still impact skin and breathing conditions. If you have pets, it is especially important to give your carpet a deep clean at least three times a year.

Essential equipment for carpet cleaning

You can invest in good equipment to enable you to deep clean your carpets yourself, or you can make the decision to hire a professional carpet cleaner. If you are planning on doing it yourself, you will need to hire or buy the best carpet cleaning equipment that you can afford, as well as good quality carpet shampoo. If you have pets, it is a good idea to get pet-specific carpet cleaner. These will get rid of pet smells that you don’t necessarily notice, but which your pets do. A good carpet cleaner will cost a few hundred pounds to buy, but can be hired from local supermarkets for less than £50 a day, so weigh up your options and see how many “hires” would end up buying you a new product. It is a good idea to keep an eye out for second hand carpet cleaners locally; you might even be able to pick up a bargain professional cleaner.

Tackling indents

Indents are the kind of thing that you don’t worry about, until you notice them; and that is usually not until you attempt to shuffle furniture around. You can buy furniture feet which can help to prevent your heavy furniture from damaging your flooring, but some indents on your carpet are inevitable. Getting rid of indents couldn’t be easier with this fantastic life hack. Simply place an ice cube on the indent and let it melt. The water will gradually sink into the carpet and expand the fibres; when they dry, they will be as good as new!

Preventing stains

When it comes to addressing carpet stains, the best approach is to prevent them in the first place. Some spills are unavoidable, but what you do at the time can make a huge difference. When a stain is fresh, don’t add water yet; pat it to remove all of the excess moisture. Stains such as chocolate and mud should be left to dry out completely; once set, you should be able to brush the dirt out using a stiff brush or silicone brush, and vacuum up the excess.

If a stain goes untreated or unnoticed, it may take a little more work to deal with it; follow Trust A Trader on Facebook or Twitter for our top stain busting tips.


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