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Garden Jobs To Do In May

Garden Jobs To Do In May

After a scorching bank holiday weekend, it finally feels as though summer is on its way! We look at gardening jobs you can do this month to keep your garden blooming through the warmer months.

Weed Control

Just as plants flourish with the warmer climate, so do weeds! Getting to grips with them earlier in the year will help you to maintain control over them throughout the summer. If you don’t take control now, the chances are that the weeds will have rampaged across your garden in the next month or two. Spray paths and patios with a weed killer – this should prevent them from growing back throughout the summer. Keep on top of weeds in beds and borders by hoeing them back weekly, while they are still small. Perennials, such as dandelions, run off a root network. This means that getting rid of the leaves won’t kill the plant. However, if you consistently pull up the plants, the root system will weaken over time. An alternative is to use weed killer which contains glyphosate (if you have pets, make sure that the brand you choose is safe for animals).

Trim Evergreens

May is an ideal month to trim back evergreen hedges. This is a relatively simple job, which can be done using shears if your hedge is on the smaller side. If you have a large hedge, you may need to use a hedge trimmer. Before you start, it is crucial that you check for nesting birds; aside from the fact that it is illegal to disturb them, removing their home is just not nice!

Get Mowing

The chances are, you have only mowed your lawn once or twice since your late autumn mow. Now is the time to get into a good mowing routine; your grass will be growing thick and fast with the plentiful supply of rain and sunshine it has had over the last few weeks. Try to mow once a week; if you have a large lawn and don’t have time to mow every week, a quick trim of the edges does wonders for tidying up the garden.

Hanging Baskets

You don’t have to have acres of garden to show off your green fingers. Hanging baskets are a lovely way of adding a splash of colour to your home. The trick to a successful hanging basket is to use the best quality compost you can find combined with slow release fertiliser. Water retaining crystals will make it much easier to care for your baskets during the summer months. The temptation is to plant in the middle of the basket, but with hanging baskets, you will get a greater impact if you make sure you plant more heavily on the outside. Plant them up now and dead head regularly for baskets that will give you wow factor for the entire season!

We know that you may not have time to make your garden as beautiful as you would like. If this sounds familiar, contact a local gardener who can do the graft for you, allowing you to enjoy your days off in peace. For more tips and advice, follow us on Facebook or Twitter.

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