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The Ultimate Guide: The Man (or Woman) Cave

The Ultimate Guide: The Man (or Woman) Cave

For centuries, Man has craved his own space, where he can pretend to be busy but is really taking stock, relaxing and, well, pottering. With house prices at a premium, it can be hard finding that space in the home. As a result, the Man (or Woman) Cave is making a resurgence: sacred space where you can relax and escape from daily life, just for a minute or two.

Check out our ultimate guide to finding the perfect Cave in even the most chaotic home.

Decide on Your Purpose

The first step to creating the perfect man (or woman) cave, is to decide what you want it for. Listening to music? Relaxing with a book? Actual gardening and tool storage? Somewhere to hide from the children with a cup of tea and the radio?

Locate the Space

Once you have decided what you want to get from your private retreat, you can start looking for the right location. You may think that your home can’t accommodate another room, but take a good look around: that room that has been filled with junk could be cleared to make a good space. How often do you really use the spare room, could it be upgraded to Cave status? If there just isn’t a corner or cubby in your house, look to the garden. Could you clear out the garden shed, or add a gazebo? Try to look at your home with fresh eyes, and seek possibilities that you have never noticed before. Once you have found the space, think honestly about any structural work that may need doing, and whether you can do it yourself. If not, contact a local builder for quotes, so you can see how practical the idea is.

Put Your Stamp On It!

This is the fun bit! Whether you have identified a room in the house, the garage, or the garden shed as having potential, start clearing it out. Don’t get side-tracked by the junk you haven’t looked at for years – be ruthless and have strict “keep”, “throw” and “sell” piles. Give yourself a time limit to sell items, or they have a habit of sneaking back into the house! A car boot sale is a great way of getting rid of things, and could even earn you a bit of cash to deck your cave out with. With your space cleared, add your own finishing touches; an old reclining chair, a coffee table, a radio. The furnishings don’t have to be new and costly – it’s what they represent that is the important thing, after all, freedom and relaxation are priceless. Reclaimed, second hand and upcycled items are perfect for a man or woman cave; include storage for tools etc. if you need to, and add a few finishing touches to make it feel like your domain.

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