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Ten Ways To Prepare Your Home For Winter: Part One

Ten Ways To Prepare Your Home For Winter: Part One

As the warmth of the last summer rays starts to fade and the leaves fall from the trees, it is time to prepare your home for winter. The weather outside may be cold and bleak, but there is no reason that your home should be, too. We take a look at ten ways you can make sure your home is ready when winter finally comes.

1. Prepare Your Pipes

Burst pipes are the last thing you need when it is cold and damp outside and, with the unpredictable weather, you can never tell whether your pipes are likely to freeze in October, February, or not at all! Burst pipes are the result of the water in your pipes freezing and expanding, causing cracks and leaks. As the water thaws, it leaks in and around your home. Preparing your pipes for winter is relatively simple; it is just a case of insulation. If you want advice on keeping your pipes snug even in the coldest weather, contact a local plumber.

2. Service Your Boiler

Your boiler has probably been ticking over nicely over the summer, but it is best to check that it is working properly and that the thermostat is functioning before you come to use it when the temperatures drop. In addition to the inconvenience of finding yourself without heating, faulty boilers can waste huge amounts of gas and finding a boiler specialist when it’s cold is surprisingly difficult. Call a local boiler specialist and get your boiler serviced in October to make sure you are ready for winter.

3. Bleed Your Radiators

If your radiators aren’t as effective as they should be, feel the top and bottom. If they are cooler at the top and warm at the bottom, the problem can be easily resolved. Radiators often trap air inside, so when the water at the bottom heats up the air at the top remains cool. Place a towel under your radiator and use a radiator key to release the air, so that your radiator can fill up with hot water. You’ll be toasty in no time!

4. Compare Energy Suppliers

Sticking with the same energy supplier is something we all tend to do, after all, comparing different energy suppliers, settling up final bills and signing up to a new supplier can seem like more hassle than it’s worth. It is always worth checking out different energy suppliers; there are lots of deals out there to be had and, if you are paying over the odds for your energy, a few phone calls could save you hundreds of pounds.

5. Wrap Up Warm

Just as an extra layer helps you to keep warm, giving your home insulation can help to keep the heat in and reduce your energy bills. If your loft cavity insulation isn’t installed, call a local insulation specialist for advice. Likewise, if your windows are draughty consider getting a double-glazing quote or fit stick-on double-glazing panels to provide an extra layer of insulation for your home.

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