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Planning a Holiday? Ensure Your Home Is Secure While You Are Away

Planning a Holiday? Ensure Your Home Is Secure While You Are Away

If you are planning a holiday, you are probably consumed with lists of things to do, buy, book and pack in preparation for your trip. However, it is important that you make sure you leave your home safe, too. Last time, we looked at how to keep your home secure by making it look occupied. This week, we look at installing security systems to prevent your holiday being ruined by unexpected visitors while you are away.

Security Lights

Security lights act as a powerful deterrent to burglars, who won’t want attention drawn to their approach. Installing a security light is relatively simple, but if you prefer, you can consult a security firm to help. If you are away, and you trust your neighbours, let them know you are away and how long you plan to be gone. If they see your security lights come on, ask them to have a quick look out of their window and call the police if they can see any signs of intruders.


Your contents insurance will cover valuables up to a specified value; other items may be individually listed within your policy. Some insurance firms will specify that you need to keep valuables in a safe but, regardless, if you have possessions of significant monetary or sentimental value, it may be a sensible idea to install a safe. This will help you to keep valuables out of view and will prevent most opportunist burglars from taking your most valuable possessions. Ask around for information on local safe installers.


CCTV has come a long way – you can get it installed outside your home, which acts as a deterrent to burglars and can help police to identify intruders, or you can get them installed in your home. Motion-sensitive smart cameras can alert you to intruders while you are away and allow you to monitor your home, even from some far-flung beach! For more information on CCTV systems, contact your local CCTV specialist.

The fact is, you are unlikely to be burgled while you are on holiday. However, by following our tips and advice, you can actively deter and even catch intruders in the act. You don’t need to turn your home into Fort Knox, and some security measures may be overkill; it depends on the location of your home and the value of your possessions. A local security firm and even your local police force will be able to advise you on reasonable security measures without going over the top, to will help you to relax and enjoy your holiday.

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