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Focus On: Tree Surgery - What is a Tree Surgeon and Do You Need One?

Focus On: Tree Surgery - What is a Tree Surgeon and Do You Need One?

As the birds chirrup their way into springtime and the trees start to blossom, there is a definite sense of optimism in the air. However, as those trees begin to shoot new leaves, you may either remember or notice for the first time that they may not be quite as healthy as they could be. In this series we will look at tree surgeons: what they do, and when you might need to call one.

Other than knowing that we really should be doing everything we can to preserve trees or encourage new tree planting, we probably don’t think much about trees and how much care they may need. Depending on the variety, a tree can live for half a century, or thousands of years. Regardless of the tree’s age and size, however, one thing is certain; at some point it will die, and in the intervening years it may well need some TLC, particularly if it's in an area where it could pose a threat to people or property. It’s not just old age that can kill a tree; disease, infestations and extreme weather all have a part to play. But with appropriate help from a tree surgeon, you can help to keep any trees that you are lucky enough to have looking beautiful and, most importantly, safe.

What is a tree surgeon?

Also known as an arborist or arboriculturist, a tree surgeon is a skilled tradesperson who has been trained in the art of caring for, maintaining, and if necessary, safely removing, trees. They don’t just appear when a tree is unwieldy or unhealthy, tree surgeons carefully plant and prune trees to ensure that they are kept at optimal health. If you have trees in your garden and are uncertain of the best way to care for them, getting in touch with a local tree surgeon to give you advice on what you need to do, how, and when, could be a great start.

What are the benefits of hiring a tree surgeon?

If you are pretty handy around the garden, then you may not feel as though you need a tree surgeon. A quick online search should be able to tell you what you need to know about pruning and any daily care needs. However, there are several benefits to getting a specialist in now and again. When you call a specialist:

  • They will apply years of experience and first-hand insights to be able to recommend the best care for your trees of all ages and sizes.
  • Thanks to their experience working with a wide range of species, they will be able to identify potential problems before it's too late.
  • The are skilled at (and insured for) working at heights, meaning that they can probably reach parts of a tree that you can’t access.

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