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Five Steps To Turn Your Shed Into Your Sanctuary

Five Steps To Turn Your Shed Into Your Sanctuary

With people being forced to stay at home, homeowners across the country are looking at ways that they can optimise their space. One great way to add some much-needed space is to convert garden sheds and outhouses into living areas. Over the past weeks we have started looking at how to convert a garage or outhouse into an office or bedroom to be used as part of the home. This is a serious investment in the home and could require planning permission.

While investing in the home is a great idea, there are quick fix solutions that allow you to transform your neglected garden shed into a lovely little sanctuary. Here’s how.


First up is electricity – because sitting by candlelight is only romantic when you are doing it by choice. Depending on what you want, you may be able to run your electricity from the existing circuit; contact a local electrician to find the most cost effective way of getting your shed powered up.


Before you can start thinking about the fun details, you need to make sure that your new room is watertight and properly insulated. There’s no fun sitting in a cold, damp shed – even if it does look pretty and it is peaceful! A layer of insulated plasterboard should be sufficient to keep the warm air in during winter and out in the summer – a quick, easy and relatively cheap fix.


Provided you already have level flooring, click-in laminate flooring and floorboards will instantly transform the space. Add a rug for extra warmth while keeping the floor easy to clean.


Depending on how permanent your garden room is going to be, it may be simpler – and much cheaper – to buy a plug-in electric heater or a freestanding oil one. If you have visions of snuggling up in the garden by an open fire, contact your local woodburner specialist.


Whether you love cushions and throws or a more rustic vibe, once you have got the basics sorted you can have fun. Upcycle old furniture, give neglected lamps or unread books a new lease of life as you create a sanctuary for work, your hobby, or just for relaxing in.

Transforming your garden shed into a space that can be enjoyed all year round is relatively simple, as long as you accept the limitations in use and comfort. What’s more, it should only cost a few hundred pounds. If you are looking for something more permanent, get in touch with your local builder but if you want a simple home transformation, you should be able to do the work with a little help from your local handyman and electrician.

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