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Five Gardening Jobs To Do In September

Five Gardening Jobs To Do In September

There are few things more beautiful than a British garden in the summer time. However, even as you enjoy the last few weeks of summer, it is important to keep up with your garden. Prepare for the cooler months and help your garden to continue to bloom with our top five gardening jobs to do in September.

1. Protect Your Pots. With luck, your potted plants thrived during the summer months, thanks to regular watering and plenty of sunshine! But as the cooler, wet months approach, it is important that you protect your pots from becoming waterlogged; this can lead to fungus and disease. Invest in feet for your pots, or pop them up on old bricks, so that excess water can drain freely from the bottom.

2. Tidy Containers and Baskets. Hanging baskets and containers add a lovely splash of colour in the summer, but they can look depressing and neglected in the winter months. Throughout September, keep pruning and feeding your containers and baskets to encourage them to continue flowering. If you care for them well, they should stay healthy until the first frost.

3. Give Your Lawn Some TLC. The combination of less water and frequent use can take its toll on your lawn. During September, take the opportunity to re-turf your lawn, feed existing grass, or scatter grass seed to encourage regrowth in thin, patchy areas.

4. Consider Trees and Shrubs. If you are considering planting a tree in your garden, now is the time to do it! By planting new trees and shrubs in September, you will give them a few months to become established before the spring. With luck, this will help them to flourish come springtime.

5. Plan Ahead. Now is the time to plan ahead for spring. If you sew hardy annuals such as cornflowers, scabiosa and ammi, you are likely to be rewarded next spring. If you have a vegetable plot, your abundance of courgettes, peas and beans are probably coming to an end. Sow hardy greens now. Kale, lamb’s lettuce and pak choi are great for a winter harvest. Don’t neglect your fruit bushes! Prune your raspberries right back.

Gardening is a labour of love, but if you keep on top of it, you will, literally, reap what you sow! If you would like help getting started with a gardening project, you are considering hiring a landscape gardener, or you are looking for a reliable professional to help you with regular garden maintenance, Trust A Trader can help. Our directory brings you a broad choice of rated, reviewed and vetted professionals near you, so that you can find the right green-fingered trader to make your garden flourish.

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