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Benefits of Cleaning Your Roof

Benefits of Cleaning Your Roof

You may not think about your roof unless you have a leak that needs to be fixed. However, your roof has a very important job! It keeps you warm and dry and protects your home and contents. While a tiny bit of moss here and there may not seem like a big deal, a build up of moss and debris can lead to serious (and expensive) problems. Don’t make the mistake of thinking you can’t afford to get moss and algae removed; the cost of repairing the damage it causes means that you can’t afford not to get your roof cleaned.

How can moss and algae damage your roof?

As time goes on, mildew, moss and algae will inevitably build up on your roof. This problem isn’t just unsightly; it will damage your roof over time if you are not careful.

Moss can make roof tiles and slates porous, which makes it possible for rainwater to filter into the material. This moisture retention can lead to cracked tiles in freezing temperatures, as the water turns to ice and causes the tiles to burst.

Spongy in nature, moss is incredibly absorbent, so will retain water on your roof after rainfall or heavy dew. This can add a significant weight to your roof, and, in freezing temperatures, the freeze and thaw process of moss can crack or dislodge your roof tiles which can lead to costly leaks within your home if not fixed quickly.

How to remove roof moss

There are several ways that you can demoss your roof, with or without cleaning products. A professional roof cleaning service will be able to recommend the best course of action for your roof type, and depending on how heavy the build up of moss is already. Moss cleaning without a cleaning agent involves the use of a high pressure washer which effectively removes a build-up of moss and algae, as well as other debris, such as twigs and leaves.

If using a cleaning agent, specialist protective clothing is required; your roof cleaning specialist will spray your roof with an agent that will gradually kill the moss, before washing the agent and the debris away. The use of a cleaning agent is advised in cases where the tiles are old or delicate, and where the roof cleaner is concerned that the use of a high-pressure washer could damage the roof.

Moss prevention

As with many home maintenance issues, prevention is better than cure. Once you have invested in removing the moss from your roof, it is wise to do what you can to prevent it from growing back. After cleaning, you can treat your roof with a moss resistant product which will slow any regrowth. A more permanent solution is an anti-moss coating, which can help prevent regrowth for a prolonged period of time.

By investing in your home now, you can save money in the long term. Take a look at our directory of trusted local roof specialists or follow us on Facebook or Twitter for more information.

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