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Water Industry Approved Plumbers Scheme

What is an ‘Approved Plumber’
The Government is campaigning against ‘cowboy building’ in a number of ways. One way is to include in the new Regulations some useful concessions for an ‘Approved Contractor (Plumber)’, who will be competent in complying with the Regulations.
The Approved Plumber has been given a very useful concession in that he/she may start work without notification or prior consent on certain types of work, provided he/she issues the customer (and for some types of work, the Water Supplier) with a certificate of compliance of the work when it is completed. This can save up to ten days of waiting for the Water Supplier’s consent and reduces the paperwork of notification.
‘Appoved plumbers’ can be authorized by either the local Water Supplier, the Water Industry Scheme (WIAPS) or by an organization recognized by the Government (IOP/APHC/SNIPEF).