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British Damage Management Association (BDMA)

Trust A Trader was created to help people to find local tradespeople that they can trust, free from the risks presented by rogue traders. We check the qualifications and accreditations of each registered trader and promote best practice in everything they do. As part of this, we encourage our traders to join relevant professional bodies, such as the BDMA.

The BDMA (British Damage Management Association) was launched in 1999 to promote best practice in damage management and related professions. The BDMA regulates recovery and restoration practitioners, providing guidelines that protect customers and insurers alike. Prior to the establishment of the British Damage Management Association, recovery and restoration customers were vulnerable to inappropriate workmanship, which could leave them with poor service and leave insurers open to litigation. The BDMA was created to reduce the risks of substandard workmanship by providing insurers with accredited contractors that work to high standards. All BDMA members are certified and gain professional accreditation via a tiered exam system, which allows them to demonstrate their excellence in their field by displaying the Collective Mark.

So if you are looking for a damage management practitioner that works to a high standard, look for a trader on Trust A Trader that displays the Collective Mark.