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Sharing Knowledge - Ask a Tradesman

Sharing Knowledge - Ask a Tradesman

What is the most important tool in a trader’s toolbox? The hammer? A screwdriver? Some may say that it depends on the trade; what a roofer values most will not be the same as, say, a plumber or a gardener. What if we told you that every trader’s most valuable tool is the same? Well it is. Because the most important tool for a trader is reputation. Without a good reputation, there is no point having any other tools, because there wouldn't be the opportunity to use them.

Building a good reputation is hard work; as the adage goes, it can take years to develop and seconds to lose. Which is where Trust A Trader comes in. We spend a lot of time and money investing in marketing, so that consumers can find reliable traders, and genuine, hard working traders can continue to work, untainted by the antics of cowboys and conmen. One element of building reputation is demonstrating your skills and expertise in a particular area, and the new website launch gives traders an even better opportunity to show consumers their knowledge and experience.

Our Ask a Tradesman section invites consumers to ask their DIY questions. From fitting a skirting board to fixing a leak and everything in between, Trust A Trader are giving traders the opportunity to become the agony aunts/uncles of the DIY world! By offering professional solutions to everyday problems, the traders who provide answers are likely to become trusted sources of information, helping to enhance their reputation further.

If you have a question for a trader, take a look at the new Ask a Tradesman section. You may find that your question has already been answered, but if not you can post it for a trusted trader to answer. Traders, keep an eye out for questions from consumers and submit your answers.

By working together and doing what we do best, we can continue to build the Trust A Trader Help and Advice section with the new Ask a Tradesman helping consumers and traders to help each other.