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New Website - Construction Complete!

New Website - Construction Complete!

The Trust A Trader team are proud to announce the launch of the new website. Building upon the success of the former website, the new build has been designed to bring a fresh, smoother experience to traders and consumers.

With additional features such as Ask a Tradesman: consumers’ questions answered by our traders; focused help and advice articles; and a sleek new look, it is anticipated that the new website will satisfy existing and new visitors, helping them to find a reliable local trader.

The previous website was launched in 2012 and, at the time of writing, it has received over 6 million visits from clients looking for a local trader. As the visit rate has grown, so has public trust in Trust A Trader’s registered companies and sole traders; it is now broadly accepted that, by choosing a trader from our directory, you are choosing security and peace of mind.

Our working model is simple and is based on the fact that our CEO, Gary, is a local tradesman at heart. He was sick of honest workers getting a raw deal and a bad rap thanks to a few dodgy traders. His aim is to get customers and traders alike to get a good, fair deal. And it’s working; just ask the 6 million people that have used the previous website or the 4 thousand traders who are registered in our directory!