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Brand new radio adverts for TrustATrader

Brand new radio adverts for TrustATrader

TrustATrader.com has recently recorded a selection of new radio adverts which will soon be heard across a host of UK radio stations to promote the website and its trusted tradespeople members.

The adverts feature a new famous voice belonging to someone who will certainly be familiar to viewers of ITV in the mornings, as well as having featured on a variety of other popular television shows over the years.

Be sure to listen out for the brand new TrustATrader adverts on the radio, which will be released over the coming months.

You can also hear a new advert right now by visiting the website homepage and clicking the ‘listen to our latest radio advert’ button.

TrustATrader.com updates its radio advertising to feature a new famous voice every year, producing attention-grabbing, entertaining adverts to ensure radio listeners are familiar with the directory service and its reliable traders.

TrustATrader also advertises on television, sponsoring afternoons on ITV3 from 2pm to 7pm every day of the week.

The new radio adverts will be broadcast on over 60 stations across the UK including Smooth Radio, the Free Radio Network, Heart FM, Jack FM, Mix 96, Radio X, LBC, Gem 106 and many more.

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