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Your Guide To Choosing The Right Garden Shed

Your Guide To Choosing The Right Garden Shed

Over the last year, people have invested in an array of lockdown purchases, from hot tubs to camping gear, garden furniture to activities to keep the children entertained. This has, inevitably, led to a huge rise in demand for outdoor storage space. Last week we looked at the different options available, depending on need, space and budget. This week, we will take a look at the serious investment – the garden shed – and cover what you need to consider before you take the leap and invest.

Unlike smaller, cheaper storage units, choosing the right garden shed is a serious decision. If you choose right, you could be using that shed for many years to come; make the wrong choice and you could watch your investment fall to pieces (literally). Here’s what you need to know.

Size and location

The first consideration is where you want your shed to go – and how big it needs to be. Shop around to get some good ideas for optimising shed space and work out what you would like to store in your new shed – remember that you also need to get in and out! If you have a space in mind, mark it out and measure to make sure that you go big enough to hold what you want to store – but not so big that it obliterates your garden.

Balance price with quality

When it comes to outside storage, the shed is undoubtedly the biggest investment to consider. And while the saying that you get what you pay for is true, it isn’t a good idea to choose the cheapest or most expensive shed by price alone. Set a budget, do your research and find the best value for money.


Material has a significant impact on price. Some sheds are built to last a lifetime, while others will be around for a few years before starting to rot or fall apart. Sheds can be made of wood, metal, plastic and composite materials, each of which can vary in quality and durability. Buy the strongest material you can afford and make sure you treat it properly to help to increase its lifespan.


Alongside the material, your shed’s construction quality is the biggest factor that dictates how long your shed will last and, to an extent, how good it looks. Mass-produced, flat-pack products may be cheaper, but they are unlikely to last as long as a shed built by a professional. What’s more, if you do have a problem with a shed built by a local trader, you know exactly who to go to for support.


As with anything, the stronger the foundations, the better the final product. A solid shed base will help you to lengthen your shed’s lifespan, not to mention keeping the shed and its contents dry. Some sheds come with bases incorporated, while with others, you need to buy the base separately. If you have your shed purpose built by a local trader, they can ensure that they base is adequate for your use, helping your investment to last longer.

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