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Our Top Five... Outside Storage Solutions

Our Top Five... Outside Storage Solutions

With more and more people embracing the space that they have, sales of outdoor games and accessories have been higher than ever. From blankets to solar lights, hot tubs to firepits, homeowners are learning to make the most of every inch of their garden, patio or roof terrace.

One significant problem is storage; those lucky to have garages will notice them gradually filling with paraphernalia that doesn’t have a home… yet. Outdoor storage solutions can keep your new accessories dry and secure, while helping you to free up storage space. Here are some of our favourite outdoor storage solutions, perfect for everything from tools to hot tub accessories and blankets.

Large storage shed

If you have garden space and a range of larger equipment, such as a lawnmower and garden accessories that need to be stored, it may be worth investing in a proper garden shed. Garden sheds come in a range of prices and materials, including plastic, wood and galvanised metal, so you can choose one that suits you best. Follow us on Facebook or Twitter for next week’s blog, which looks at how you can choose the best shed for your needs.

Outdoor storage unit

Smaller outdoor cabinets are great for storing bikes, games barbecues and camping equipment. Often, they come with hinged tops and doors, making everything inside easy to access. Outdoor cabinets are sturdy and handy, without taking up a huge amount of space. Available in wood, plastic or composite, prices start at the £100 mark.

Storage benches

Storage benches or trunks are a low cost, versatile option. Often doubling up as a garden bench, these are great for storing hot tub accessories, blankets around the firepit, or stashing kids’ toys after a busy day playing in the garden.

Tall outdoor cabinet

If you want space to store taller items such as ladders, brooms and even a slimline lawnmower, but you don’t have enough outdoor space for a full-size garden shed, then an outdoor cabinet may be the right choice for you. Wardrobe shaped and watertight, outdoor cabinets can fit in alleyways and small recesses without taking up huge amounts of space, but they do offer a lot of storage place. Add wall hooks and stack kit in plastic boxes to make the most of the space that you have.

Build your own

If you know roughly what you are looking for but just can’t find the right one, speak to a local shed specialist or carpenter. With a little bit of imagination and the right professional, you will be able to create your own, unique outdoor storage solution that incorporates everything you need.

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