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Optimise Your Space: Top Under Stairs Storage Ideas

Optimise Your Space: Top Under Stairs Storage Ideas

Whether you live in a mansion or a home of more modest proportions, storage space always seems to be an issue. And the space under the stairs is a notoriously under-utilised area; if you are not making the most of it, you are missing a trick. Here are some of our favourite ideas to use your under-stair space, brought directly to you by Trust A Trader’s skilled carpenters and interior designers.

Shoe storage

If you are continually asking (shouting at) your children, other people’s children or just each other to leave shoes in the hallway, a set of shelves under the stairs can be the perfect visual cue – and an easy way to tidy up after household members and guests alike. There are plenty of pre-made shoe storage solutions online, but for something truly special that does everything you want it to, ask a local carpenter for a quote.


This may seem unoriginal but a beautifully crafted and organised set of shelves is more than storage – it is a feature. Banish clutter from the rest of your house and beautifully store books, ornaments and lamps for an elegant finish.

Utility cupboard

You know that you are a grown-up when you value a vacuum cleaner and ironing cupboard above all else. Ask a local carpenter to help you to design under stair cupboards that fit the homeless, clutter-inducing home items such as brooms, vacuums and cleaning products. If your stairs are wide enough, you can go the whole hog and store your washing machine there, too.


An extra toilet gathers value as your family grows. And when they have flown the nest? You will be grateful to have a downstairs toilet! A spare loo takes up surprisingly little space – speak to your local plumber or bathroom specialist to see if you have enough space for the job.

Personalised lockers

Forget family drawer wars and create a storage compartment for each family member. A pull-out drawer-style cupboard is a good way of making the most of every centimetre. It gives a place for kids (or you) to put school bags, shoes, and other personal objects that would otherwise be strewn around the house.

Wine cellar

Forget hiding your enviable wine stash in a cold, dark cellar! If you have enough wine to fill a wall, show it off with a bespoke under-stairs wine cupboard! If you really want to gloat, get glass doors so everyone can see the dust gathering exquisitely on your beautiful vintage collection.

Sports equipment

If you are a lover of cycling or watersports but don’t have a wealth of outdoor space, your under-stairs void could be the answer to your dreams. Hang a surfboard or paddleboard from the wall or suspend your bike from the ceiling for creative, practical storage solutions.

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