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Local Authority Building Control (LABC)

Trust A Trader’s online directory was created to make it easier than ever for you to find a trader that you can rely on. All of the traders listed in our directory have been checked by us to make sure they are appropriately qualified and insured, and they have all been rated and reviewed by former customers. In addition, many of our traders possess industry-specific memberships that provide customers with added peace of mind and, in some cases, an added warranty for works undertaken. One such organisation is the Local Authority Building Control.
Ten years ago, Local Authority Building Control Warranty (LABC Warranty) joined forces with Local Authority Building Control (LABC), to provide structural warranties on works undertaken by members. This includes domestic and commercial builds and newbuilds. LABC was a founding member of the Consumer Code for Home Builders, giving homebuyers of new homes additional protection; their cover is widely accepted among UK mortgage lenders, which means that homes with LABC warranties are easier to secure a mortgage on. As well as providing extended warranties on new builds and works, LABC hold an awards scheme which recognises excellence in builders and developers. This includes awards for exceptional design, build and quality. Every element of LABC’s work is designed to improve the customer’s service; they promote high standards and rely heavily on customer feedback to make sure that customers get quality and value.
If you are looking for a contractor for a new build or building works, or you are looking to buy a new property, make sure that you choose a supplier on Trust A Trader who is a member of LABC and offers additional LABC warranty, for complete peace of mind.