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Electrical Contractors' Association

At Trust A trader, we take standards seriously. We believe that every customer has the right to choose from a range of qualified and trustworthy traders in their area, which is why we work hard to create our comprehensive online directory. In order to offer our customers additional peace of mind, we encourage the traders registered on our website to gain additional qualifications and membership with relevant professional bodies such as the ECA (Electrical Contractors’ Association).
The ECA was founded in 1901 and is the UK’s most established electrical association. Today, more than a century after it was set up, the Electrical Contractors Association continues to have a direct impact on industry standards, continually promoting best practice among its associate members and the industry. Customers seeking reliable electrical contractors near them are assured that ECA members meet the ECA Code of Fair Trading. This code promotes best practice and assures that ECA members operate fairly and to high standards with regard to workmanship, design, costs, guarantees, payment terms and the settling of disputes.
By choosing an ECA member on Trust A Trader, you know you are choosing an electrical specialist you can rely on.