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Blue Flame Certification

At Trust A Trader, we work hard to eliminate the threat of rogue traders, by bringing our customers a choice of accredited and customer reviewed traders near them.

As part of our work, we encourage all of the traders in our directory to become affiliated with relevant professional bodies, which help to ensure best practice in their industry. Blue Flame Certification Ltd is accredited by UKAS, the United Kingdom Accreditation Service. Blue Flame Certification is awarded to traders for Building Fabric Measures, Building Services Mechanical and Building Services Electrical under the Green Deal scheme and the Competent Person Scheme, which enables accredited traders to certify their own work, instead of requiring certification from Building Control or another approved inspector. They also accredit gas operatives, electrical operatives, oil operatives and solid fuel operatives, as well as offering services for other areas, including unvented hot water storage systems, energy efficiency and renewable energy.

By encouraging our traders to become certified with professional bodies like Blue Flame Certification Ltd, Trust A Trader hope to improve standards across a range of trades and promote best practice, to the benefit of our traders and, of course, our customers.