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Any tips to working with reclaimed wood?

I have found a source of what looks like good quality reclaimed wood, any tips on working with reclaimed wood?

Answered by TrustATrader

Working with reclaimed wood is becoming a very popular way to get that rustic look while saving money and being environmentally friendly. As wood ages, if it becomes more beautiful. Reclaimed wood is also economically friendly.

To work with reclaimed wood, you first need to find the raw material. There are a variety of places online if your local wood shop does not have any on hand. One important tip when reclaiming wood is to ensure that all nails, staples. and fastenings are removed. Also ask that all your wood doesn't have excess tar, treatment, or paint on the wood. If you are purchasing from a local dealer, a simple smell test should do the job. If you can only find reclaimed wood with these materials attached, sanding the wood down is an easy solution.

You can recycle this wood into many different forms, from shelving to tables, chairs to outdoor planters and a lot more. If you have acquired some reclaimed wood and are looking for a professional, to help realise your vision, contact a local carpenter today.