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The Top Five: Ways To Save On your Heating Bill

The Top Five: Ways To Save On your Heating Bill

As the nights draw in and the days get colder, most of us are reaching for the thermostat. However, the warm, cosy feeling of being inside on a rainy, cold day is often accompanied by a deep fear of the moment that you see the heating bill. Here are some quick and simple ways to reduce your heat waste and keep your bills down this winter.

  1. Draw the Curtains – a bit of a no-brainer, but curtains don’t just block visibility, they block draughts, too. By drawing your curtains when you have the heating on, you can prevent heat loss through the window. If your radiator is below the window, ensure that your curtains don’t hang over them.
  2. Rugs Galore – winter is all about the soft furnishings! Rugs add a feeling of warmth as well as acting as an extra layer of insulation. In fact, using rugs can save between 4 and 6 percent on your heating bills. And, of course, there is nothing nicer than your toes curling in a soft, fluffy rug on a cold winter’s morning.
  3. Rejig Your Furniture – when you switch on the heating, it’s time to look at your furniture layout. Beds, sofas and chairs in front of radiators will absorb the heat and prevent the radiators of doing their job of warming the rest of the house. Just moving obscuring furniture a few inches can make a significant difference in the amount of warm air that can circulate.
  4. Thermal Wallpaper – before you add more heat, it is a good idea to look at insulation first. Thermal wallpaper is a relatively low-cost way of reducing your home’s heat loss. It is more expensive than normal wallpaper but will save on fuel and reduce your carbon emissions in the longer term. A good handyman or painter and decorator will be able to hang thermal wallpaper perfectly, so that you can enjoy the benefits for years to come.
  5. Layer Up – at the risk of sounding like your grandmother, the best way to save money on heating is to add an extra layer. If that doesn’t help, there is no need to heat the whole house if you are in one room. Invest in an electric blanket; there are some innovative designs that are a far cry from the type that you use in bed.

Before you put the heating on, make sure that your boiler is safe and functional with a boiler service. And remember to test your carbon monoxide alarm on a regular basis; CO kills. If you are in doubt about your boiler’s function or safety, get in touch with a local, reliable boiler specialist.

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