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The Top Five American Inventions

The Top Five American Inventions

To commemorate the 4th of July, we thought we would take a look at some American inventions that have literally transformed lives. Here goes.

The Washing Machine

Can you imagine your life without a washing machine? When you think of the labour intensity of hand washing, it is hard to imagine that until fairly recently, people didn’t have a choice. No wonder they had fewer clothes! The first washing machine was invented by James King in 1851 and the design was improved upon by the Shaker community. 1908 saw the first electric washer, under the brand name Thor. By the mid-1950s, washing machines were a household fixture and today, most of us couldn’t live without ours!

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Duct Tape

Who doesn’t love a bit of duct tape? Since World War II, Duct tape has been saving lives; literally and metaphorically. Whether you are fishing, camping or doing a spot of DIY, duct tape will probably come in handy. However, if you or your duct tape aren’t equal to the job, don’t worry – get in touch with one of our rated local handymen (and women).


Love them or hate them, there is no doubt that microwaves have changed lives for millions. Whether it’s to reheat a cup of tea, safely defrost food or to cook a whole meal, microwaves bring a new level of convenience to life.

The Lightbulb

Thomas Edison filed his first patent for a light bulb in October 1878. By November 1879, he had invented a lamp and lightbulb and in 1880, he started marketing his creation under the name “Edison Electric Light Company”. Of all inventions, this is one that most people use, every day of their lives. Lighting problems? Get in touch with a local electrician for help.

Fire Alarm

It’s simple, really: fire alarms save lives. The first fire alarm was installed in Boston on 28th April 1952. Of course, the initial concept has been developed considerably over the last 170 years, but as a result of William Channing and Moses Farmer’s invention, most homes in the UK are equipped with a smoke alarm, and safer for it.

The Internet

Of all inventions, the Internet is possibly the most life-changing. Instantaneous communication, information at our fingertips and insights into places and people across the globe, 24 hours a day 7 days a week. The internet as we know it started in 1993, when Marc Andreessen invented a browser called Mosaic, which was renamed to Netscape Navigator. This was the start of the internet as we know it today, without which Trust A Trader wouldn’t be able to connect you with thousands of tradespeople in your area.

So, from duct tape to the internet: thanks America and happy 4th of July!

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