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Staying Safe Part Two: Additional Home Security Measures

Staying Safe Part Two: Additional Home Security Measures

Whether you have possessions that are of high monetary worth or not, being burgled can be inconvenient at best and distressingly life-impacting at worst.

If you want to make sure that you keep your home as a safe space, not a place of anxiety, there are a few things that you can do. Last week we looked at some basic security measures that every member of your family should do as standard. Here, we look at some resources that you can use to make your home more secure.

Invest in a security system

It may seem like overkill to get home security, but if you live in an area that has had a spate of burglaries, you live somewhere that is relatively isolated, or you just want to be extra safe, then a basic security system will be worth it for the peace of mind it gives you. It doesn’t have to be super high-tech. Start with a few motion sensor lights and consider an alarm system that will alert you and your neighbours of any intruders, while most probably scaring the intruders away at the same time. To find out about the range of home security options available, speak to a local home security specialist; they will be able to recommend the most suitable level of security for your needs, without going too OTT.

Get a camera doorbell

Video doorbells are becoming increasingly popular, with more and more people installing them as standard. It is very common for burglars to use the most simple method imaginable to check if someone is home: knocking on the door. If you have a video doorbell, you will not only have a record of who knocked at your door, but with some systems, you are able to talk to them, intercom style, regardless of whether you are home. This is a win-win; even if the burglar doesn’t believe that you are home, they will now know that you have their image saved, so are likely to leave your home alone.

Stay safe

Safes aren’t just for millionaires. If you have any valuables that are worth a lot of money (that can be a lot of money to you, not a multi-billionaire) then it may be worth investing in a small safe to store them in. External security is, of course, the most important element, and should make sure that your home is protected from burglaries. However, in the unlikely and very unlucky event that a burglar does get into your home, you want to make sure that your most precious items are as hard as possible for them to find and take. There are a range of safes available, ranging from less than £50 to tens of thousands of pounds. Speak to a security specialist to find the most appropriate one for you, and to get advice on where you should keep it.

These relatively small investments can help you to feel safe whether you are at home, at work, or on holiday. Follow us on Facebook or Twitter for the final in this series: tips for security while you are away.


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