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Staying Safe Part Three: Security Measures While on Holiday

Staying Safe Part Three: Security Measures While on Holiday

Whether you live in a mansion or a cabin, your home should be your castle; your safe place. Over the past couple of weeks we have looked at home security and basic steps that you can take to make your home as unattractive and inaccessible as possible to potential burglars. Your house is most at risk when it is empty, so it stands to reason that a lot of house invasions happen while the owners are on holiday.

As well as the security measures previously detailed, such as locking all doors and windows, putting away garden tools and valuables, investing in a security system and video doorbell, there are a few additional measures that you can take before you go on holiday so that you can have complete peace of mind.

The most important thing you can do is make it look as though your home is occupied even while you are away. A burglar will look for tell-tale signs that will indicate that you have been gone for more than a couple of days. These include: deliveries piling up (newspaper, milk, parcels), post at the door (if it is visible), an empty drive, no lights coming on at night, rubbish or recycling not going out (or changing) for a few days, overgrown (or dying) plants. Here’s what you can do.

  1. Cancel or pause regular deliveries (milk, paper, subscriptions) while you are away.
  2. Ask a trusted friend, neighbour or relative to pop in every couple of days to check for deliveries and pop post and parcels on the table.
  3. If you are a one-vehicle household and your driveway will be empty, ask a neighbour to park their car in your driveway while you are gone.
  4. Invest in smart plugs or bulbs that will allow you to control your lights from wherever you are, or pre-set times for lights to come on and go off again.

If you are going away in winter, unwanted guests aren’t your only threat; burst pipes could leave you with a nasty surprise when you come home. If a cold snap is even a possibility (any time from October – April in the UK!) then it is wise to switch off your water. If someone is coming to water inside plants, then remind them they need to switch the water on when they get there, and off before they leave.

If you are going away for a longer period of time or you are particularly anxious about leaving your home empty, whether it is for a weekend, a week, or a month, then you may want to consider asking a security company to take care of it, or getting a house sitter; the latter is also a great option if you have pets.

Wherever you are going on holiday; enjoy! By taking these tips, you will be able to relax with complete peace of mind. For more advice, don’t forget to follow us on Facebook or Twitter.


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