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Plan Ahead – Prevent Christmas Emergencies

Plan Ahead – Prevent Christmas Emergencies

As the Big Day approaches, it’s not just Santa who is writing lists and checking them (at least) twice. Gifts, food, transport and guest logistics, the booze shop; there is certainly plenty to think about. With such a lot of lists running through your mind, it can be all too easy to overlook the basics; until, that is, you find yourself without heat, light or the ability to cook your turkey. Here are a few tips to help you to avoid disaster this Christmas.

Get your boiler checked

If your boiler is on the old side it may be worth getting it checked out, especially if it is being temperamental. Get in touch with your local boiler specialist to see if they can squeeze you in. If not, make sure that you have the numbers of a couple of local emergency boiler repair services at the ready, just in case.

Turn up the heat

The only thing under more pressure than the big man’s sleigh this Christmas is your cooker. If the thermostat is playing up, get it checked out by an electrician or gas repair person; if you can’t book one in this close to Christmas, invest in a thermostat so that you can make sure your turkey is completely cooked.

Sweep your chimney

Having your chimney regularly checked won’t just help Santa, it could save your home and possessions – even your life. Un-swept chimneys amass flammable linings that, if set alight, could cause devastating damage to your home. If your chimney hasn’t been swept recently and doesn’t have a certificate to show it is safe, you have two choices: contact your local chimney sweep asap, or stop using your fire.

A little light

Christmas can put a strain on older electric systems. If you are prone to blowing a fuse it is important that you are especially vigilant over Christmas. Switch all appliances off when you leave home; the addition of Christmas trees, lights and wrapped gifts add to the fire risks of your home. If in doubt (you guessed it!) contact your local electrician and, at the very least, make sure that you have the numbers of at least two 24-hour electricians to hand.

Water, water!

You may be dreaming of a white Christmas but a watery one is probably more likely. Heavy downpours and sudden frosts are a perfect recipe for flooding. Make sure that exposed pipes are insulated against the cooler temperatures and ensure that you know where your stopcock is in case your pipes do freeze.

So, if you are writing a list and checking it twice, make sure that it contains the numbers of your gas supplier, water board, emergency plumber, electrician and gas engineer – just in case!

If you are worried that something will fail this Christmas, make it your New Year’s resolution to get those jobs done in the new year. Wishing you a peaceful time and a home repair-free Christmas!

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