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Optimise Your Garage Space

Optimise Your Garage Space

At a time when more people are investing in gardening, hot tubs, barbecues and other outdoor living accessories, storage space is at a premium. If you own a garage and have space to park elsewhere, it may be worth updating your garage. Even the smallest garage can be used for valuable storage with a few clever tricks. Here are a few ideas for optimising your space.

Look up

If you have a reasonable ceiling height, you could have a wealth of space that you are not utilising properly. Giant ceiling shelves are great for boxes of things that you need, but not on a regular basis, such as Christmas lights. Likewise, hanging racks suspended from the ceiling allow for easy storing of surfboards, paddle boards and ladders. If you have a super high ceiling, making access tricky, a clever pully system can help you to raise the items up easily and safely.

Shelve it

If your garage is being repurposed as a storage space, or if it is big enough to store objects as well as park in, then a good set of shelves can make a world of difference. Invest in the best you can afford; tins of paint and other household objects can be incredibly heavy.

Use your walls

If you can’t fit shelves in, you can still use your walls. Hooks, brackets and slimline shelves can hold a surprising amount of things. What’s more, by stashing the little bits of clutter, you will find more space to store larger items.

Hang bikes

Bikes are great for fun, fitness and commuting, but they take up a huge amount of space. There are few things more annoying than battling with a load of bikes to reach the lawnmower, and pedals have a habit of making big dents in shins! Simple wall mounts are an easy solution to the problem, allowing you to stash a whole family’s bikes safely out of the way while taking up minimal space.

Be organised

Yes, we know it is easier said than done, but a little organisation goes a long way when it comes to making the most of storage space. Try to categorise items and store them in boxes. Whether you are looking for football gloves or a paintbrush, knowing that you have a box of sports equipment, one of DIY tools and one of paint accessories will save you a lot of time and frustration.

Stash tools on a pegboard

Tools can be hard to keep tidy, and often end up in a jumbled mess in a toolbox or a tool bag. If you are a home DIY-er and rarely need to take your tools out and about, a pegboard may be the perfect solution for you. For the full effect you can even draw around the tools so you know what is missing, too.

If you are concerned about the strength of your newly installed shelves, pegs or racks, consider finding a local carpenter or handyman to do the job for you.

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