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It’s A Wrap - Low Cost Kitchen Transformations

It’s A Wrap - Low Cost Kitchen Transformations

If you want to upgrade your kitchen, kitchen wrapping could be the right solution for you. When we invest in furniture or fitted units, we are often stuck with them, even when they are no longer to our tastes. We feel bad getting rid of a bulky wardrobe or perfectly good set of kitchen units, simply because we don’t like them anymore, and are reluctant to invest in new units and furniture when what we have already got is perfectly sound – even if it doesn’t look as good as we may like.

Here’s what you need to know about wrapping.

What is wrapping?

Wrapping is an innovative approach which takes advantage of structurally sound albeit dated furniture and fittings and breathes a new lease of life into it. Vinyl film, much like a very large sticker or sheet of sticky back plastic, is applied to hard surfaces – including wood and glass.

What are the benefits of kitchen wrapping?

There are plenty of benefits to getting your kitchen wrapped. The foremost benefit is the considerable cost savings of wrapping your in comparison to investing in an entirely new kitchen, bathroom or furniture set. Particularly if your existing units are in good condition, you can save anything from 40-75% on the cost of buying new; in addition, the reduced waste means that you are minimising your carbon footprint, too. Wrapping also helps to maintain the condition of your existing units, protecting them from damage from moisture, spills and scratches. This means that it is worth investing in the best, carpenter-crafted furniture that you can because, with the help of wrapping, that furniture will probably last a lifetime and still look great.

What can be wrapped?

Pretty much any hard surface can be wrapped; floors, cupboards, work tops, bathroom units, bedroom furniture, wine racks, cupboard interiors.

How long will a wrap last?

As with any home investments, the better quality you get, the longer it will last. Depending on the quality of the installation and the vinyl as well as how you treat and maintain the wrap, kitchen wraps will typically last between 3 and 13 years. If the wrap is properly cared for, it could last a lot longer.

How is wrap installed?

The wrapping process is fairly simple but needs to be meticulously done for a high end finish. Unit doors are removed and all surfaces are thoroughly cleaned. The wrapping process itself is straightforward; skilled tradespeople are trained to wrap to high standards. Once everything is wrapped, doors are rehung; the process could take less than a day for smaller areas, or for bigger or more complex jobs, 3 or more days.

If you would like to add a splash of opulence to your home at a fraction of the price, check out our online directory of trusted local wrapping services and see how they can transform your home.

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