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Garden inspiration: Summer House Uses

Garden inspiration: Summer House Uses

There was a time when a summer house seemed to be the ultimate indulgence, but over the past few years they have become a handy way of extending your home without spending a fortune. Check out the top uses for a summer house this season.

Office garden

The events of the last year have seen most of us working at home more, and what better way to be able to separate your work from your home life than an office garden? All you need is an insulated summer house, a fan heater for those colder days and, of course, an electricity supply and you will be able to work in peace. Depending on the size of your garden and the location of your summer house, you may need to contact an electrician to install an external socket.

The gym

With gyms shut across the country more and more of us are turning to home fitness solutions. From celebrity videos to rowing machines, weights and treadmills, home fitness has never been more popular. If you are short of space in the house or garage, now is the time to turn that neglected garden shed or summer house into your own private gym. When you take an average gym membership of £35 a month, your gym will be saving you money in no time.

Outdoor dining

It is remarkable how effective a change of scenery can be, even if that means moving from the house to the summer house to enjoy food and drink. Add a few fairy lights and a nice table and you will be able to recreate your own bar or restaurant in your garden – it’s cheaper, too.

Garden cinema

Kids and adults alike love a night at the movies, and a summer house is a perfect way to recreate the ultimate private cinema experience. If you can’t stretch to a projector, simply moving your TV into the summerhouse will do the trick – it is amazing how big a normal sized television feels when you are in a small summerhouse! Turn up the volume, turn down the lights and, of course, get out the snacks and popcorn for the ultimate movie night.

Screen-free zone

Literally the opposite of the office and movie theatre ideas, you could make your summer house a screen-free retreat. Add soft furnishings, plants and beautiful books, leave your phones at the door, and enjoy some much-needed down time.

The possibilities for what to do with your summerhouse are limited only by your imagination – and maybe your budget. If you don’t have a summerhouse or shed that you can convert, speak to your local builder or carpenter about the choices available; before you are tempted to go too big, check on the planning permission first.

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