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Finding An Electrician: How Much Should You Pay?

Finding An Electrician: How Much Should You Pay?

Finding a local electrician that you can rely on can be a minefield. The best thing to do is rely on word of mouth: ask friends and family if they have recommendations, and read independent reviews of the electricians near you. Once you have an idea of who to ask, get a quote to find out how much the work will cost, and how long it takes. Trust A Trader looks at some of the most common reasons for calling an electrician, and what they are likely to charge.

Install an electric cooker

This is a relatively quick job and will be done in about half an hour. You will be charged the standard hourly rate (anything from £30-£50), so it's worth getting a list of other little jobs together, to make the most of your hour’s labour.

Replace a light fitting or switch

These are both simple jobs, and will take 30 minutes to one hour; ideal jobs to be done after your cooker is installed!

Install an electric shower

A new electric shower will take 4 – 8 hours to do, depending on where it is going, and whether your electrician is able to do the plumbing too. Average cost for electric shower installation is around £350; make sure you clarify that the quote is for the whole job (including plumbing), so you know whether you need to call in a plumber too.

Complete rewiring

The length of time needed and cost of rewiring a house is dependent on the size of the house, and whether it is occupied. It is much quicker and easier for an electrician to rewire an empty house, so factor that into your quote. Quotes for rewiring a two-bedroomed house start at around £2,500, whereas a five-bed home with two bathrooms can cost in excess of £5,000.

Electrical Inspection

If you are a landlord letting out your house, a homeowner with a mortgage, or have got a good deal on your buildings and contents insurance, you may be required to get an electrical inspection report. This report will confirm the safety of your home for either the tenants, the mortgage provider, or your insurance company. The time it takes for an electrical inspection report varies according to the size of the property, but prices start from about £50.

When it comes to electricity, it is better to be safe than sorry. If you are in any doubt as to whether you are able to do any electrical DIY completely safely, Trust A Trader will help you to find a local electrician. After all, your safety and the safety of those around you is priceless.

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