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Energy Saving Quick Wins

Energy Saving Quick Wins

The government may have pledged to freeze rises in fuel prices for the next two years, but the already considerable price hike accompanied by dropping temperatures means that everything you can do to keep your bills to a minimum will make a difference. Saving on your gas and electricity bills goes beyond reducing the thermostat by a degree or switching off the bathroom light. Check out these quick wins that take seconds, but which all add up in the long term.

Bye-bye standby

Keeping devices on standby is a convenience that we have become so accustomed to over the years that we barely even consider it. And while we have all known that keeping a television on standby can use nearly as much energy as having it on, that is a piece of information that we have chosen to ignore for the sake of convenience. Well, it is time to face reality: according to the Energy Saving Trust, switching off your appliances could save you up to £45 per year.


Wash if you must

If you are one of those people that throws clothes in the wash after a day’s wear, regardless of how dirty they really are, then now is the time to change your ways. Cutting out one wash a week and dropping your wash temperature to 30 degrees could help you to save £30 on your bills. Ditch the tumble dryer to save another £60.


Shower with care

Baths may be a luxury on a cold winter’s day but it may soon become a luxury that you can’t afford. By replacing your bath with a 4-minute shower you could save £12 a month and by implementing a strict 4-minute rule for all showers, you could save a massive £70 a year.


Wrap up

Most households have “the one that turns the heating up” and “the one who puts on an extra layer”. This year is the year that we should all put on at least one layer, both on ourselves and water tanks. An extra layer on the water tank can save you nearly £2 a month on average; turning the thermostat down by a degree could save £100.


If you are panicking about your bills and unsure where to start, it may help to get some professional guidance. Getting your boiler serviced isn’t just good practice, it could help you to save on your bills, too. What’s more, your plumber will be able to point out any other energy saving opportunities; they may even bleed your radiators for you if you ask them nicely.

If you are unsure of who to contact to service your boiler, check out Trust A Trader’s online directory to find a trusted gas boiler engineer near you. For more tips and advice, follow us on Facebook or Twitter.


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