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The TrustATrader.com/Trusted Traders Logo

TrustATrader.com logo terms and conditions of use

The TrustATrader.com/Trusted Traders logo can often be seen on the printed adverts, websites, vehicles and clothing of TrustATrader members, as the logo is made available to member businesses for promotional use such as this.

What the TrustATrader logo indicates

The TrustATrader logo is intended to show that the business using the logo is a member of TrustATrader.com, and is therefore trustworthy, with a high standard of work.

Businesses making use of the logo can be found on TrustATrader.com, where details of the business can be found, including reviews and photos of previously completed work.

This helps potential customers to make an informed decision when selecting a reliable business to carry out work on their home or car.

Where you can use the logo, as a member of TrustATrader

If you are a current member of TrustATrader.com, you are free to download a copy of the TrustATrader logo from the Media pack section of your trader account area on the website. You are welcome to use this on your website or advertising/promotional material (signs and printed material) to advertise your membership, and therefore the quality of your work, to potential customers. Vehicle stickers featuring the logo are included in your membership welcome pack and extras can be ordered via the Reorder stock section of your trader account.

Use of the TrustATrader logo (the current design, older designs or any variation which could be mistaken for the genuine logo) by any business which is not a current member of TrustATrader.com is not allowed.

Businesses found to be misusing the TrustATrader logo will be asked to remove the logo from wherever it is being used/stop distribution of any advertising featuring the logo. If this request is not complied with, we will notify Trading Standards who can prosecute companies on our behalf.

What to do if you spot misuse of the TrustATrader logo

If you have seen the TrustATrader logo being used by a business which isn't a current member of TrustATrader.com, please let us know, ensuring that you have suitable evidence to support your claim.

Evidence might be a photograph of the logo on a vehicle or other location (with the name of the business also clearly visible), or a piece of printed material showing the logo and business name. This evidence may be emailed to us at admin@trustatrader.com, or otherwise posted to the TrustATrader.com office address.

Please be assured that the personal details of anyone highlighting logo misuse will stay confidential throughout the resolution process.

Businesses using the TrustATrader logo without authorisation cause confusion for consumers and cannot be researched on the website, undermining the honest services of genuine members.

We will list below any firms that we have found to be using our logo without authority, and which we have reported to Trading Standards. We are in no way implying that these firms are fraudulent, nor are we questioning their standard of workmanship, we are simply stating that they are using the TrustATrader logo without authorisation.