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Environment Agency

At Trust A Trader, we believe that everyone has a responsibility. We believe that we have the responsibility to help our customers to find reliable traders, and to oust rogue traders. It is our belief that the traders registered in our directory have a responsibility to offer the highest standards possible, and to act in line with legal, health and safety, and environmental requirements. Finally, we believe that consumers have the responsibility to ensure that any products or services they procure are morally, ethically and environmentally sound. To this end, we promote working closely with relevant professional bodies, such as the Environment Agency.
Led by the Secretary of State for the Environment, the Environment Agency is an executive non-departmental public body whose primary aims are to promote sustainable development and protect and improve the environment. Environment Agency Certification covers a range of sectors, from scrap metal disposal, to environmental permits for waste operations and industrial operations. All areas of Environment Agency Certification are covered by strict guidelines that help to safeguard the environment and promote best practice. Operatives who work outside of these guidelines could be breaking the law. It is, therefore, the responsibility of everyone to make sure that work carried out is in line with Environment Agency regulations and recommendations.