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Business Safety Standard

At Trust A Trader, we know how hard it can be for customers to find a trader they can rely on, and for traders of all sizes to develop the services they provide while maintaining high standards. Our online directory provides consumers with a broad range of local, rated and reviewed traders. We also encourage our listed traders to continually improve their services and stay ahead of new legislation and recommendations by joining relevant professional bodies, like the Business Safety Standard.

The Business Safety Standard was created to support individual traders and larger trading groups, as well as support consumers. They offer small to medium sized enterprises, new businesses and sole traders information and guidelines relating to essential, industry-specific elements of compliance, business generation and administration. By offering support and information to its members, the Business Safety Standard gives registered traders the opportunity to offer a high standard of service while maintaining compliance with ever-changing regulations.

Looking for a trader in Trust A Trader that is registered with the Business Safety Standard provides customers with complete peace of mind, safe in the knowledge that the trader meets high standards, every time.