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British Traditional Mole Catchers Association

Trust A Trader is an online directory of accredited, reviewed local tradespeople. We encourage every company and sole trader listed in our directory to pursue best practice and strive for excellence in their field; as part of this, we support and encourage membership of industry-specific professional organisations, such as the British Mole Catchers Register.
In 2007, the British Mole Catchers Register became Britain’s first digital register of mole catchers. Today, the Register is universally recognised and is committed to serving its members as well as the broader community. The British Mole Catchers register promotes the craft of traditional mole catching through education and research, and helps people in the UK to find a traditional mole catcher near them who will operate to the highest standards.
It is a common misconception to confuse mole catchers with pest control practitioners; traditional mole catching is a specialist skill that can only be done safely and effectively by a capable, trained professional. The British Mole Catchers Register allows customers to find an experienced, qualified traditional mole catcher near them with complete peace of mind.