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British Occupational Hygiene Society

At Trust A Trader, we encourage all of the traders registered in our directory to commit themselves to following best practice by becoming members of appropriate professional bodies, such as the British Occupational Hygiene Society (BOHS).

The British Occupational Hygiene Society is a scientific, charitable body which was founded in 1953. They provide experience and guidance on the management and control of health risks in the workplace. Today, the BOHS remains the only UK society to represent qualified occupational hygienists and its membership body has grown to over 1,800 members across 57 countries. In 2013, the BOHS became the only occupational hygiene organisation to be awarded the Royal Charter, an accolade recognising its role as a leader in the prevention of occupational disease. The main aim of the organisation is to promote a healthy work environment and protect employees from workplace hazards which, in some cases, could lead to serious and potentially fatal illnesses.

Through its membership system, the BOHS helps to protect workers and businesses against occupational hazards and disease. When you choose a trader that is registered with the BOHS, you know you are choosing a trader that operates with integrity and its customers’ and staff’s best interests in mind.