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British Fire Consortium

At Trust A Trader, we are committed to bringing our customers a choice of checked, reviewed traders near them that they can trust. In our bid to eliminate rogue traders we invite honest reviews of all our registered traders and encourage best practice throughout. One way we do this is to encourage all of the traders listed in our directory to actively engage in Continual Professional Development by gaining accreditations and affiliations from trusted professional authorities, such as the British Fire Consortium.

The British Fire Consortium was created in 1983 to provide customers with fire safety training and consultation, and access to approved fire protection and prevention suppliers throughout the UK. Today, the British Fire Consortium has over two hundred registered companies, who provide a range of fire protection and prevention services: from extinguishers and signage to sprinklers and emergency lighting, as well as risk assessment to identify any additional fire safety needs. Businesses can simply consult the Consortium’s list to find local approved manufacturers, suppliers and service providers, enabling them to choose companies safe in the knowledge that they meet the highest standards of fire protection and prevention.