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BFA - British Franchise Association

Trust A Trader is committed to helping people find local tradespeople that they can trust. Some of our members are part of a franchise, which means that they are a small, independent branch of a larger organisation. The BFA, or British Franchise Association helps potential franchise holders to identify safe franchise opportunities and less safe ones.

The BFA was established in 1977 by some of the UK’s biggest franchise companies, to prevent the bad reputation caused by less reputable franchise companies, and to encourage best practice in franchising. Advisors and franchisors can become members of the British Franchising Association once they have been tested against rigid, detailed criteria; if they pass the criteria, they will become BFA members.

Whilst BFA membership does not in itself provide any guarantees regarding the success of a franchise or the standards of service its customers are likely to receive, it does offer customers an insight into the reputation of the franchise and customers can be reassured that their local franchise is guided by a clear, BFA approved model of operation.

If you are looking for a local franchise to undertake work for you, or you are a trader looking into taking on a franchise yourself, look for the BFA logo for peace of mind.