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Association of Certified Handyman Professionals

At Trust A Trader, we pride ourselves on bringing our customers a broad choice of handymen in their area that they know they can trust. To this end, we encourage all of our registered traders to become members of recognised professional bodies, as well as have the relevant training and insurance required to do their jobs.

People often underestimate the worth of a good handyman, assuming that a handyman (or woman) is just someone that is, hopefully, good at doing odd jobs. However, a good handyman has to possess a broad range of skills in a role that is, too often, under-regulated. The Association of Certified Handyman Professionals (ACHP) is a non-profit organisation which certifies handy men and women as professionals with good general skills and in-depth knowledge of their trade.

The ACHP does not offer specific training or qualifications, but is known as the seal of the “handyman’s guild”; members who successfully gain certification are known for their high standards and broad skill-set in an industry where, too often, members of the public become disillusioned. The ACHP are committed to excellence, demanding professionalism, excellent craftsmanship, honesty and a friendly service from all certified handy-people.

At Trust A Trader, we go the extra mile to make sure that all the traders listed in our directory have the relevant qualifications and insurance, as well as accreditations that mark them out as the best in their craft. When you choose a handyman in our directory with ACHP certification, you know that you are choosing a handyman that you can rely on.