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Architects Registration Board

At Trust A Trader, we make sure that all of the traders listed in our online directory comply with set legal standards, as well as non-compulsory membership organisations that encourage best practice within their industry.

Established by Parliament in 1997 to regulate the UK’s architecture industry, the ARB (Architects Registration Board) is an independent, public interest body which works to maintain high standards within the profession. The ARB is there to advise and regulate architects, for their benefit and that of members of the public.

All professional architects are required to be members of the ARC, which has a host of roles, including recognising the relevant qualifications required to become an architect, holding and maintaining the UK’s Register of Architects, ensuring that all registered architects meet set standards of ethics, performance and conduct, and dealing with any complaints from members of the public regarding an architect’s competence or conduct. In addition, the ARB is charged with ensuring that only people registered with them offer architectural services within the UK.

We support the role of the ARB by verifying each architect registered on Trust A Trader, to ensure that they are appropriately qualified, insured and registered with the ARB. In this way, we save you time and money doing background research on each architect in your area, by bringing you the information you need in one online directory.