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Arboriculture Association

At Trust A Trader we work closely with a range of government and non-government organisations to encourage best practice among our registered traders. The Arboriculture Association is a world-leading organisation dedicated to the responsible management of trees.

Initially a scientific and educational organisation, the Association was established in 1964 to promote the care and benefits of trees in non-forest environments. The organisation evolved and, in 1965, published its first documents relating to British standards in arboriculture. Lectures and educational tours ensued, and in 1971, the Arboriculture Association launched its first professional accreditation for people working within the tree industry. Today, the AA offers a range of professional accreditations, marking tree surgeons and specialists as the best within their industry.

Traders can apply to be registered consultants or approved contractors of the AA; both accreditations highlight their skills and their commitment to meeting the stringent safety and environmental standards required of the Association.

At Trust A Trader, we actively encourage all of our registered traders to far exceed legal standards within their trade, and to aspire to represent excellence in their field. As such, accreditations with compulsory statutory bodies as well as recommended industry leaders are checked out by us, so that you know you are choosing an arboriculture specialist that you can trust.