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ACAD – Asbestos Control Abatement Division

At Trust A Trader, we do our best to ensure that you get to choose from the best traders in your area. We require each registered trader to be relevantly qualified, insured and accredited in order to protect your money, your property and your safety.

When it comes to working with asbestos, there are a multitude of legislative requirements in order to prevent the potentially hazardous substance from causing damage to health and the environment. Founded in 1994 by TICA (Thermal Insulation Contractors Association) to meet a need for improvement in the asbestos industry, ACAD (Asbestos Control Abatement Division) is trade association which forms part of a group of organisations involved in the safety of those working with asbestos, as well as the safety of the public.

ACAD fulfils a number of duties, including the improvement of health and safety standards, the provision of asbestos training, the provision of accurate information to members and those working in the asbestos industry, and working closely with the Environment Agency and the HSE.

Through its membership and auditing scheme, ACAD ensure continuing excellence in the asbestos industry. At Trust A Trader, we encourage our traders to gain respected professional accreditations in addition to meeting relevant legal requirements and we check each trader before it is registered with us to make sure that they possess the endorsements and certification that they say they do. In this way, when you choose a trader from our directory, you know you are choosing one that you can rely on to do the job in hand safely and effectively.