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Combating Rogue Traders, dodgy builders and doorstep crime

Rogue trader activity in the United Kingdom has risen considerably in the last few years, with over 1.5 million complaints from consumers in the last year alone (Source: Ombudsman Services). Issues can vary from shoddy work to harassment, extortion and, in extreme cases, life endangerment.

TrustATrader combating rogue traders

At TrustATrader, we believe this is unacceptable. TrustATrader was founded to help beat rogue traders by supporting honest, reliable tradesmen who do a good job for a fair price.

TrustATrader's directory offers people a list of reliable, accredited and trustworthy traders to whom they can turn. However, we still don't feel that we are doing enough to actively deter rogue traders, which is why we have compiled some useful resources to help consumers avoid the cowboys as well as choose a trustworthy tradesman. This includes information on how to spot a rogue trader, a look at some of the tricks and tactics to use to make sure a tradesperson or company is legitimate and what to do should you end up getting stung by a cowboy tradesperson.

One of the main reasons people end up being swindled by rogue traders is a lack of research. This is why we think it is vital to let the public know that there are traders out there who are false, unaccredited and unprofessional and provide them with the information they need to avoid such people.

Rogue trader resources

TrustATrader have put together a range of free resources for you to help defeat rogue traders. Use the links below to find out more information on how to defeat rogue traders.

What is a rogue trader?

Do you know what classifies as a rogue trader? We explore rogue trader behaviours and share stats on how widespread the problem has become.

How do I spot a rogue trader?

Spotting a rogue trader can often be tricky, especially when they are dressed as a professional. Read advice provided by our in-house experts on how to spot rogue traders.

My trader is a cowboy - what can I do?

If you are currently involved with, or have recently used a trader who turned out to be unprofessional or substandard, find out how you can make a formal complaint against them.

Victims' stories

Perhaps the best way to avoid a rogue trader is to hear from those who have been conned in the past. Read stories from people that have been affected by rogue traders or share your own experiences.

Useful downloads

Make a stand against rogue traders by downloading our anti-rogue trader imagery, designed to deter any cold callers thinking about targeting your property.

TrustATrader policies on negative reviews & rogue traders

Here at TrustATrader, we make sure that all our traders have appropriate accreditation and qualifications before they become members. This automatically eliminates rogue traders from joining our website and means that if you see a qualification or accreditation listed on our website, you can trust it is real and has been verified.

Why don't we ever see a trader with a bad review on TrustATrader?

You won't see many negative reviews on TrustATrader. This is largely because we choose our traders carefully. We also investigate negative reviews and, where possible, mediate between the involved parties to achieve a resolution. However, in the rare event that a trader receives more than two negative reviews, we blacklist them. We simply won't support traders that let down our users.

Can we report rogue traders to TrustATrader?

Unfortunately, we are not authorised to deal with criminals, although we can blacklist them. Please visit our advice page for guidance on what to do if you have been affected by a rogue trader.