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Payment card acceptance on TrustATrader

Low cost debit & credit card acceptance for TrustATrader members

TrustATrader is always striving to improve its service to our members and their customers. That's why we've teamed up with payment partner Payatrader.

Payatrader are a leading card services provider, helping us to bring you a low-cost credit and debit card acceptance solution.

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Traders - 'Pay As You Go'

The new low-cost card service allows you to accept card payments without the worry of expensive terminal rental, monthly fees, minimum usage charges or other ongoing financial or contractual commitment. This could potentially save you hundreds of pounds each year compared with some other providers.

The only fee you pay is a small commission of 2.5% each time you accept a card payment. This means if you don't take a payment there's nothing to pay!

Take payments anywhere, any time of day

Once you've joined, customers will be able to pay you online at TrustATrader.com as part of a new 'Review & Pay' service we are introducing. You will also be able to accept payments directly:

  • online, through a virtual terminal accessible from your secure TrustATrader members area
  • by telephone
  • mobile
  • email
  • 24/7 Contact Centre.

Benefits of offering card payments

We're introducing this service, powered by Payatrader, to make payment more convenient for your customers and to give them the option to spread the cost using their own card facilities - useful for emergency work or more expensive jobs. From your perspective, card acceptance brings many benefits and helps overcome the problem of lost, delayed and returned cheques. Card acceptance can also:

  • help you win more work
  • improve your cash flow
  • increase your security
  • reduce your administration time
  • help you manage your accounts with historic information on payments collected.

Optional Pocket GPRS Chip & Pin terminal, Paymate

If you need to be able to take payments on the move you can apply for a pocket GPRS Chip & Pin terminal. This optional extra can be added once your account is open.

Click here to find out more about PayMate

Who is it for?

The service is specifically designed for traders, professionals and any small businesses that take low volumes of card payments, or who have an occasional need for card services. Typically, this applies to businesses that provide services in the home - such as painters and decorators, builders, electricians, plumbers, locksmiths, carpet cleaners, gardeners etc.

  • Start-ups
  • Home Services Trades
  • Professionals
  • Mobile Businesses.


We offer excellent value for money, with competitive rates and a simple and transparent charging structure.

It costs just £99 to join! Once you've joined the only fee you pay is 2.5% commission on the value of each card payment you accept*. The fee you pay is the same for all payment channels, except the 24/7 contact centre where the minimum fee payable is £3.00 per transaction.

*These rates apply to all Visa and Mastercard transactions. All American Express transactions are charged at 2.95%.

Please note:

All online, mobile, virtual terminal and PayMate transactions are subject to a minimum charge of 30 pence per transaction. This charge is not in addition to the charges shown above, but a minimum charge that typically only affects payments under £10.00.

All Payatrader Call Centre transactions are subject to a minimum fee of £3.00 per transaction. This charge is not in addition to the charges shown above, but a minimum charge that typically only affects payments under £100.00.

How it works

Once you've completed the work just ask your customer to visit TrustATrader.com to review and pay you. Alternatively, you can accept a payment using any of the other payment channels - however, this may mean the customer forgets to provide your review!

As soon as a payment is authorised you will receive an email or SMS alert so you know the funds are on the way.


Payments are settled directly to your nominated bank account, net of fees, weekly each Thursday.

Tracking payments

You can see all of your transactions in one place irrespective of the payment channel, track and download your payments, view invoices, send receipts, issue refunds, manage your account details, build a customer database and send a payment request by email. Plus, every time a customer pays you will receive an email or SMS alert to let you know the funds are on the way!

Rapid Set-Up

The good news is there's no complex paperwork or need to open a separate merchant account - saving you more time and money. Typically, accounts are set-up within 12 to 24 hours of your application.

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