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New feature - free trader callback requests

New feature - free trader callback requests

TrustATrader has implemented a new 'Callback requests' feature, which allows any visitor to send a request to be called back to up to four traders at once, along with details of any desired work to be completed.

Being able to request a callback prevents any potential need to ring a trader at various times in order to speak to them if they're busy during the day, instead letting them call you. Leaving job details with your callback request also helps the trader(s) to be prepared to discuss your work when they ring, saving time.

To leave a callback request, search for a suitable trader and view their profile page, then select the 'Request a callback' option next to the trader's phone number. The 'Callback requests' area at the top of the screen will show '1', along with the name of the trader chosen. If you wish, you can visit up to three further trader profiles, doing the same to add them to your chosen callback selection. To actually send your request, simply move the mouse to the top of the page and click the blue 'Request callback' button, then fill in the small form and send. You should receive a call from the trader(s) within the next working day or so, once they have viewed your request.

If you're signed in to your TrustATrader consumer account (or you can create one after sending your callback request) then details of your request and any others you make in future will all be stored in your account area to check back on later.

At TrustATrader we're always looking for ways to make life easier for both the public and our trusted traders; we hope you like this new way to get in touch.

Image: stockimages / freedigitalphotos.net