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Negative review process

From time to time, one of our trusted tradespeople will receive a bad review from a customer. Our complaints team are trained to help bring resolution to work that is not up to scratch by one of our trusted tradespeople.

TrustATrader recommend you make every practical effort to talk to the trader concerned regarding the issues and see if you can both come to a mutual outcome.

Find out below, how we do our best to ensure both parties are happy once a negative review has been put into place.

  • 1. Customer leaves a negative review

    A customer will leave a negative review for a trusted tradesperson.
    This can be for a wide range of reasons.

    Reviews that have a score of under 3 stars, a missed appointment or the trader is not recommended, will not immediately appear. This is so that our complaints team can see what has happened.

  • 2. Our complaints team is notified of the review

    Once a negative review has been left on a profile, our complaints team and the trader concerned are alerted of the negative review regarding the work that was carried out. The review is then reviewed, details are also collected at this point.

    Sometimes we receive false reviews, these are usually filtered out at this point.

  • 3. Our complaints team contact both parties

    Where necessary the complaints team will contact both parties to hear each side of the story. With this information, the complaints team can paint a fair and accurate version of the situation. Photographs and other evidence are also submitted, to justify the negative review.

  • 4. Fixing the solution

    If the tradesperson is found to have completed a poor job, we ask the customer if they would like the tradesperson to return and fix the problem as a goodwill gesture.

    We also ask the customer what they would like to do with the pending review.

The review is published

The customer reserves the right to publish the review. If the customer chooses to publish the review, it is published on the tradesperson's profile page (after 14 days) once the trader has had the option to leave their right to reply.

TrustATrader help supply the UK with honest tradespeople. If a registered trader is found to offend multiple times, they are blacklisted from the TrustATrader website.

The review is updated

In many situations, the problem is rectified by the tradesperson. This leads to the customer being happy with the service provided. As a result of this, the customer may choose to:

  1. Retract the review
  2. Update the review
  3. Publish the review

Since TrustATrader launched in 2005 there have been a total of 222,936 reviews left of tradespeople's profiles. There are 2798 reviews on the TrustATrader website that have a review of under three stars.

As we display negative reviews on our website, two actions can occur after that - 1, the trader does not like it and removes himself from our advertising or 2, we receive more than one and we do not wish to be associated with a trader/company who cannot keep to the standards we set.

However, we do operate a 3 strike rule and when a trader has not complied with our standards we place a strike against their profile. If they should reach 3 strikes they are removed from our website and blacklisted – not to return.