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What's the difference between pest control and animal control?

Answered by TrustATrader

Regardless of whether you are building a brand new house or own your own home, pest contaminations can happen though it may be the very last thing you would like. This kind of unwanted pest might be harmful because they can start attacking the very foundations (or wiring for example) that your house is built on.

Pest control and animal control do have several major differences. While pest control is a term used to describe all kinds of activities related to the removal of pests, animal control is a term used to describe such activities that only have to do with the removal of small animals. Being an animal controller is serious business and a potentially dangerous profession. Not anyone can perform animal control the right way.

When it comes to dealing with insects a pest controller can use chemical agents and other insecticides to deal with an infestation. Animal control experts can’t usually rely on a spray to do the job. You can’t remove a raccoon with a spray. It is a process that requires a certain degree of knowhow and expertise.

Animal controllers deal with all kinds of animals even though some of these professionals have different preferences and areas of expertise. The most common animal pests are mice, rats, raccoons and skunks. The type of animal an animal controller might have to deal with also depends on the geography.

There are many reasons why a small animal can be considered a pest. First of all, some of them can be dangerous to humans. Aside from the physical damage a small to medium size animal can cause, some of them can carry viruses that can be harmful to humans. Aside from the direct harm that these animals can cause if they get into ones house they can cause different degrees of damage. Small animals like mice can also cause damage. They inhabit small holes in the walls and floors. They can destroy electrical wiring that can eventually can lead to more serious and costly damage.