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Re-laying my lawn or getting artificial grass?

I'm undecided on re-laying my lawn or getting artificial grass, I want the natural look, but I'm torn with the maintenance to keep my garden looking good, any recommendations?

Answered by TrustATrader

Artificial Grass is made to look like natural grass, while looking well maintained all year round. The installation of artificial turf removes the need for harmful pesticides, as well as the need for fertilising, reseeding and the subsequent maintenance if you are looking to re-lay your lawn (as well as the hours!)

Artificial Grass requires very little maintenance, a broom or leaf blower is all that's needed to keep it looking new. Artificial grass pays for itself in maintenance savings alone, additionally saving water from eliminating the need to water your lawn, plus there is no high polluting lawnmowers emitting harmful chemicals into the air.

How much is artificial grass?

Artificial grass price will vary dependent on location, however you'd be looking at around £60-70 a area unit. it's straightforward to put in if you're thinking of doing it yourself, which means you'll be able to shop around for the simplest artificial grass for your budget and cut back the value of the project significantly.

Which is the best grass to buy?

There is a huge range of artificial grass to buy. From brands such as Tuda and Namgrass, the grass you want can depend on the height, whether its UV protected so doesn't fade in the sun and the available sizes and ease of cutting to size. Artifical grass

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