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Price for leaky hose on dishwasher please

My dishwasher is sited some distance from the sink and the clean water inlet hose is joined and leaking at this point. Is it a plumber’s job or a task for a dishwasher engineer? I’d like an idea of cost please to repair.

Answered by TrustATrader

Both a plumber and a domestic appliance repair tradesperson will be able to handle the problem of a faulty hose pipe. Both sets of tradespeople will be able to provide solutions for a dishwasher or a similar appliance such as a washing machine.

When you have an issue such as this, we encourage our website users to stay safe and to ensure that the appliance is turned off at the mains for electrical safety reasons.

The price for fixing a leaking pipe on an appliance can vary, we would encourage our users to seek advice from one of our trusted tradespeople. You can find links to the following certified plumbers and domestic appliance repairs below:

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