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How do I remove wax from a vinyl floor?

Hello, recently I spilled a decent amount of hot wax from a candle on my vinyl flooring and countertop. What can I do to remove this from these areas?

Answered by TrustATrader

Assuming that the candle had a pigment (colour) and that is not coming up? There are several methods we would recommend, all with a bit of caution.

1) Often the pigment in candles is an oil based product. Buy a small can of Acetone from your local hardware store and while wearing gloves use a clean white rag and gentle wipe the area. Don't overdo it as Acetone is strong stuff, and make sure eye protection is worn at all times!

2) Apply an ice-filled bag to the spot, so the wax becomes brittle enough to crumble off. If some of the candle wax still remains, place blotting paper on the area and apply a hot iron to the top of the blotter.

3) Try folding several layers of paper towels over the affected area then carefully placing a hot iron on top of the towels to draw out the stain. Don't let the area get too hot as it might damage the floor.

4) If you don't feel comfortable with the iron, use hot water from the kettle as the heat source, gently pouring onto the towels.

If the wax is still proving a problem or you're uncomfortable with potentially making things worse, hire a local cleaning company to help resolve your problem.